Be sure to visit these exhibitors introducing a new product at GlassBuild America.

Billco Manufacturing Inc.

Booth #2451

Billco is pleased to introduce our brand new Remnant Storage System. The new system effectively identifies, stores and reclaims remnant for maximum cutting yields, eliminating the need for commonly neglected offal storage carts. The system is engineered to minimize idle time by optimizing glass flow as well as reducing manual glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance. The modular design is expandable to meet growing production needs. The system offers unique features such as sub-plate cutting, dual axis automated breakout and multi-slot storage. Driven by powerful optimization software, Billco’s Remnant Storage Solution will improve yields and generate a stronger bottom line. To see a video animation of this system in action or get more details, visit our new website at or call us 724/452-7390.


Laser Products Industries

Booth #1710

With more than 5,000 systems sold to over 3,000 customers worldwide, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator helps you complete more jobs per day with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.  Quickly measure standard and complex openings from arched windows to shower doors or digitize physical templates. Send photos, estimates and even CNC-ready files directly from the jobsite!  Additionally, our software is designed to be extremely intuitive – CAD experience is NOT required!  


Machines and Wheels

Booth #1863

Skill Glass and Machines and Wheels are proud to introduce this line of high technology numerical control machines for the processing of flat sheet glass, which, combined with special software with dedicated functions and modern and functional design, are simple and quick to use. From their head offices in Schio (VI), in the north of Italy, the company designs and creates advanced solutions, focusing on the intuitive and practical machines with high technology, that are innovative and at the top for quality and ease of use.

Drill 1600FF is a 5-axis CNC drilling and milling machine designed for producing holes, inserts and countersinks on rectangular flat sheet glass with a thickness of 3-20 mm. The machine is composed of five axes, X Y V Z W, and two electro-spindles which, as opposite drilling heads, create a double-sided drilling system that drills perfect holes.


Maglev Glide

Booth #876

The World’s First Magnetic Levitating Door (patented)! With a lifetime warranty, this is the last gliding door system you'll ever need! Our doors run on the same principle as lightning fast commuter trains that levitate off the track. The Maglev Glide™ uses super magnets (neodymium) that repel each other to hover above the guideway, supporting 100% of the weight. This in turn makes the sliding door operate with no moving parts, eliminating the need for rollers or hinges that can be susceptible to wear/tear and damage. Why is it better?

  • ½” glass stays floating in the air
  • Gliding making sliding obsolete
  • No rollers
  • No friction/sticking/rubbing/grinding
  • No noise
  • No mechanical/moving parts
  • No maintenance/replacement
  • Refreshing clean modern design


P.H. Tech

Booth #1639

P.H. Tech’s new high-performance patio door Celesta is a perfect solution to fill large openings. The stacked panels slide and stack perfectly within the door frame, offering a larger opening than a classic patio door. Celesta is available in a three-panel and six-panel version with multiple finishes to meet your needs. Its robust profile design offers superior thermal performance, strength and durability. Thanks to the triple roller track, the panels – welded or mechanical – overlap to create an opening that can be as wide as 24". We also took every imaginable opportunity to provide immaculate finish and easy upkeep, with details like identical jamb covers in and out, no visible screws, and an anodized aluminum sill cover.

Celesta, a new patio door from P.H Tech, offering the same brand promise of innovation, performance, value and quality.


Ramapo / Fenseal

Booth #827

FenShield High Performance Foam Seals and FenSeal Pile Weather-stripping have been designed to resist the harshest environments.  Our products have been developed for performance, durability, and provide the AAMA certifications needed by many fabricators.

Our FenShield Foam Seals quality starts with its construction:

  • A resilient Urethane Thermoset molded core designed to recover its shape, maintaining a long-term seal.
  • Our durable Polyethylene skin shields the foam from the environment, protects it from tearing, and enables it to slide and fold against the slab.
  • The structural Polypropylene spine keeps our seals upright and engaged in the kerf.  We have designed our spine to structurally engage with the foam and skin needed for removing and inserting.

All seals are AAMA 702-11 Grade A Extra High Performance rated and on the VCL. Stocked in seven warehouses throughout North American by RAMAPO. The weather stops here!

Roto North America

Booth #837

Roto Patio Inowa is an innovative hardware solution to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. INOWA, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” will provide a very high level of thermal performance, hence will be extremely energy-efficient. The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.

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